Take part in the first-ever AFS Global Host Families Survey, and share your hosting experience with the world!

What was it like to host an AFS exchange student? What does it mean to you to be an AFS host family? How has hosting an AFSer impacted your family?

Your insights will help us learn more about host families like yours and make it possible to strengthen and improve the experience for future AFS host families worldwide.

Meet AFS Host Families

An AFS host family welcomes connection, growth, a new culture, diversity and opportunity to their communities by welcoming an AFS exchange student.

An amazing cultural journey for the entire family

Becoming an AFS host family means having the opportunity to share your home with an international student, make life-long connections and embrace a new culture in your family. All family members share, learn, and expand their global skills. Everything from preparing a meal to sightseeing are opportunities to discover and experience the #AFSeffect.
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