Junko and Ken Onishi have hosted more than 40 AFSers. 

One notable example of their dedication to their students is a case in which a student at the Japanese Language school was determined to work using Japanese after returning home. Despite opposition from the student’s teachers, Ken prepared customized worksheets and checked them daily, encouraging the student to keep studying. Thanks to his support, the student was able to pass all the exams successfully.

Ken is very supportive of AFSers’ goals. He takes them on trips to climb Mt. Fuji and on cycling trips of up to 140 km together. Junko and Ken’s contributions to AFS extend beyond their role as Global Family. They also support AFS activities throughout the community and help train volunteers.

The Onishi family’s dedication and support for AFS and its mission are truly inspiring. Their contributions have made a lasting impact on the lives of countless students and Global Families and they are a shining example of the positive impact that AFS can have on people and communities. Read more about the connections of the Onishi family with the Olympics here.

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