AFS develops active global citizens who take action to make a positive difference where they live, study, work and volunteer.
Our study abroad, education and volunteer programs empower people of all ages and backgrounds with essential intercultural knowledge, skills and understanding.
As a leading nonprofit international education organization, we believe global competence is fundamental to building just and peaceful societies.


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Broader reach; deeper impact

We believe a just and peaceful world is only possible when the global community respects diversity, embraces inclusiveness and collaborates to address the world's most pressing challenges.

Impact Goal #1

We develop active global citizens to take action


Impact Goal #2

We globalize schools and institutions with tools and programs


Impact Goal #3

We expand access to intercultural education with scholarships and outreach.

Broadening the perspectives of our next generation of leaders and empowering them to communicate, negotiate and collaborate across differences is mission critical if we want to combat the rising tide of intolerance we see everywhere.”


AFS NOW: Insights for Active Global Citizens

Engage with respected leaders, educators, researchers, advocates and volunteers committed to expanding international education, study abroad, global competence and intercultural learning around the world. AFS NOW monthly newsletter, videos and announcements keep you informed about exciting AFS programs and events—and how we are making an impact on youth, schools and communities in 60 countries.


Support AFS Faces of the World Scholarships

Help talented diverse students from all backgrounds become active global citizens, with essential global skills to collaborate and lead across differences. AFS’s transformative study abroad experiences help students:

  • Build global competence and increase their employability prospects
  • Become community leaders and cultural ambassadors
  • Join a global community actively advancing intercultural understanding.
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