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Our Global Presence

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AFS has launched a new suite of programs for universities, businesses and organizations across industries to ‘Global Up’ and develop essential skills, like collaboration, problem-solving, and cross-cultural communication, needed for personal, academic and professional development.

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  1. 2021 Volunteer Awards Materials

    Nominations for Outstanding AFS Volunteers Are Open

    The work of AFS is driven by the voluntary commitment of so many people. Worldwide, more than 50,000 volunteers of all ages and backgrounds are part of a movement of…
  2. Girl smiling in chemistry class

    AFS Virtual Education Programs Expand Their Reach and Impact

    AFS virtual educational offers, such as our Global Up and Global You programs, have significantly scaled up this year through new partnerships. We are on track to reach 5,000 participants…
  3. E+4C Toolkit Cover Photo

    Introducing the award-winning AFS Effect+ for the Classroom: Toolkit for Educators

    Educators can now download a new free resource, recognized by UNESCO-APCEIU, for teaching Active Global Citizenship & the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for high school students: the AFS Effect+…
  1. Two high school girls in a research class

    Practicing How to Live and Work Together in the Classroom

    by Ana Carolina Cassiano, Head of Education Development at AFS Intercultural Programs Education and training are central to equip youth with skills, including 21st century essential & lifelong global skills,…
  2. Webinar AD _ 07.07.2021

    How to Global Up Your Institution

    Leaders from Higher-Education, Government and Mobility organizations share their experiences using the AFS Global Up    Over the past year, the use of technology and online learning for education at…
  3. Women and children at St. Amarin, Alsace, gave flowers to A. Piatt Andrew., ca. 1915

    2021 Janus – A. Piatt Andrew: Our Founding Global Citizen

    by Daniel Obst, President & CEO, AFS Intercultural Programs Throughout the pandemic, the staff and volunteers of AFS have drawn inspiration from our brave founders, the AFS ambulance drivers. As we continue…

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