The Belo Horizonte AFS chapter stands out as an exemplary hub within the AFS community, demonstrating resilience and commitment, especially during challenging times like the pandemic. Under the strong leadership of their president, the chapter has maintained a cohesive group of engaged and active volunteers, earning recognition as one of the best chapters in AFS Brazil.


Despite the complications during the pandemic, the chapter displayed remarkable adaptability and creativity. They organized virtual exchanges with AFS Argentina, AFS Portugal, and former Italian exchange students. Additionally, they successfully conducted an online project for exchange students who were unable to travel due to pandemic-related restrictions. This dynamic approach not only sustained the AFS spirit during difficult times but also showcased the chapter’s commitment to fostering global connections.

A significant highlight of the Belo Horizonte chapter is its impactful partnership with the Helena Antipoff Foundation, a state education institution. This collaboration has resulted in the provision of numerous scholarships. The chapter, together with the AFS Brazil office, has expanded the impact beyond the students who travel. Through a series of training sessions and events on global citizenship, the chapter aims to cultivate a community of global citizens, involving students, their families, teachers, and friends.

Moreover, the chapter is not only focused on its immediate community but also aims to create greater integration between different communities and regions. This desire for collaboration reflects the chapter’s commitment to the broader AFS mission of intercultural understanding and cooperation.

Community Impact Award

Our newest award, established in 2023, the AFS Community Impact Award for Standout Local Chapters recognizes the exceptional efforts AFS Local Chapters do every day to further the AFS Mission.

In 2023, winners of the Community Impact Award winners were:

  • Belo Horizonte, AFS Brazil
  • Catalunya, AFS Spain
  • Indore, AFS India