The Indore Chapter has embarked on an eventful journey with AFS since 2010, experiencing a series of key milestones, challenges, and transformative moments. Over the years, the chapter has evolved significantly from a small group of dedicated volunteers to a thriving community of educators, families, and students committed to intercultural understanding and to better serve the mission of AFS.

One of the earliest milestones was the establishment of the local chapter itself starting with three prominent schools of Indore. Initially, the chapter faced the challenge of building awareness and recruiting host families and exchange students. However, with perseverance, the chapter expanded its network, and now they have 22 member schools, volunteers, and alumni actively participating in online and offline activities. The Chapter has successfully sent and hosted students and programs extensively.

Despite challenges like the global pandemic, the chapter navigated through by organizing virtual activities, exchange programs, and impactful community service projects. Notable milestones include community service initiatives, fundraising events for scholarships, and a commitment to environmental causes.

Community Impact Award

Our newest award, established in 2023, the AFS Community Impact Award for Standout Local Chapters recognizes the exceptional efforts AFS Local Chapters do every day to further the AFS Mission.

In 2023, winners of the Community Impact Award winners were:

  • Belo Horizonte, AFS Brazil
  • Catalunya, AFS Spain
  • Indore, AFS India