An extraordinary, full scholarship program for girls around the world who are energized to solve some of today’s biggest global challenges. Part of the AFS Global STEM Changemakers Initiative.

Empowering young people from diverse backgrounds across the globe is central to addressing urgent global challenges, particularly around climate change. The AFS Global STEM Changemakers Initiative is a unique opportunity for young scholars to develop a greater and more personal understanding of the importance of STEM skills and global competence in helping to advance a sustainable future, while exploring real-world examples of sustainability in their communities and the world.

Within the Changemakers Initiative, the Global STEM Accelerators program is designed to empower girls around the world with pathways to STEM and sustainability education, leadership and social impact through a hands-on, virtual exchange curriculum. Although women make up more than half of the college-educated workforce globally, only 28% of STEM fields are represented by women. By providing an opportunity for girls to explore their interests in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and sustainability, we can start to change this trend and open more possibilities for the perspectives of women in the greater goal of reaching a sustainable future.

AFS Global STEM Accelerators

Through this full-scholarship, 12-week virtual exchange program, 150 young women (ages 15-17.5) from around the world will participate in immersive learning experiences designed and facilitated by AFS experts in intercultural education, in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania Center for Social Impact Strategy. The program is designed to develop critical technical competencies, like digital skills, design thinking, data literacy, and STEM awareness, paired with global competencies, such as emotional intelligence, critical thinking, intercultural awareness, and teamwork, to help scholars become changemakers in their communities and work towards a sustainable future.

The program culminates with scholars developing social impact capstone projects and presentations that offer potential solutions to real-world challenges, with an emphasis on sustainability. Scholars who complete the program earn the Advanced Certificate on Global Competence for Social Impact, awarded by AFS and the University of Pennsylvania Center for Social Impact Strategy. 

Eligibility & Dates

  • Applications will open on April 1, 2022
  • The program will run online from June 23 – September 18, 2022.
  • The program is available only via scholarship award, for young women ages 15-17.5, from anywhere in the world, with a keen interest in STEM and Sustainability.

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