Today’s classrooms require teachers who know how to leverage diversity, create inclusive learning environments and prepare students for an interdependent world. Launching today, the new AFS Global Up Educator provides tools teachers need to bridge across differences and have effective interactions in a multicultural classroom.

Based on research and experience in the global competence field, AFS Intercultural Programs has developed Global Up Educator to empower pre- and in-service teachers with global competence and equip them to foster skills like critical thinking, cross-cultural communication and open-mindedness in their students. 

This new program is the latest addition to the AFS suite of Global Up programs, which meet the needs for global competence of students, staff or faculty, and professionals across a variety of disciplines from around the world. Learners involved in Global Up programs receive the award-winning AFS Global Competence Certificate, which has already been granted to 15,000+ learners across 60 institutions (including universities, non-profits, governments and companies) worldwide. The Global Up Educator program includes: 

  • A virtual learning environment with 20 content modules about topics like stereotypes, empathy and active listening, cultural values and teaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Educational video content in English, subtitled in multiple languages
  • Interactive forum space for reflecting with peers from around the world
  • Online quizzes and assignments related to the curriculum
  • Guided reflection sessions run by an experienced Qualified Facilitator.

Upon completion of program requirements, learners are also invited to join the AFS Educators Global Community, a virtual networking and resource community for educators from around the world, alumni of AFS programs, who are interested in global education. 

All the concepts, tips, and sections of the Global Up Educator have helped me a lot. I know that by putting that knowledge into practice I will be able to change the little world, that is my classroom,” said Genesis Torres, an educator who already got the taste of the new program.

Global Up Educator has been piloted in 2021 with 310 teachers from 16 countries. The pilot participants confirmed that in just six weeks, they transformed their teaching practice and grew their global competence, rating the program 3.9/4 points and sharing that they would recommend it to others.

If you are interested in implementing the Global Up Educator program in your school or institution, you can find out more and schedule a demo session at