AFS provides transformative learning journeys: through our educational programs and offers, we put learners at the center, guiding and supporting them along the way. AFS participants reflect on how they impact the world around them, learn how to build bridges among cultures, and work together to create positive change.

As the largest global high school exchange organization and a leader in intercultural learning with 100+ years of experience, we have always rooted our educational approach in proven educational methodologies, research, and innovation and impact studies.

To create a stronger educational vision for AFS stakeholders, the Board of Trustees has decided to create an Education Committee within the Board to oversee strategic aspects of AFS’s educational agenda, goals, impact, and their respective deployment across the Network. The overarching goals of the committee’s work this year are:

  • To create a cohesive education framework for all AFS stakeholders across programs and education offers,
  • To provide more clarity and consistency on the meaning and importance of active global citizenship, and
  • To help define what AFS’s external role and contribution to the educational field is.

The Committee is composed of AFS’s International Board of Trustees; AFS Partner Director Representatives; experts outside our organization who are experienced in high school education, intercultural and global competence, and social impact and innovation matters in connection to our audiences; and an AFS International team member who coordinates the work of the Committee. The Committee members include:

The committee has started meeting online and its representatives will join the in-person AFS Network Meeting in May to engage the Network in the work of the committee.