A conversation with AFS Global Up’s partner, Diasporic Soul

Since 2016, Phyllis Jeffers-Coly and her husband, Eddy, have dedicated their lives to supporting members of the African diaspora in the United States by helping them reconnect with their roots in Senegal and other West African countries. The couple provides heritage educational immersion experiences, with a strong focus on healing-centered leadership development through contemplative practices. And since 2018, Diasporic Soul has been using Global Up as an important educational component of their programs.

In this recorded interview, Phyllis explains in her own words what a diasporic soul is, how she decided to move to Senegal in 2015 and why providing this opportunity to Black Americans is not only a transformative challenge for her and for her learners, but also a powerful act of love.

Listen to Andrés and Phyllis as she shares her story about Diasporic Soul and how she has been using the Global Up programs to engage students in conversations on intercultural understanding throughout their experience abroad and how flexible she found the program to be in order to adapt it to a complex, tremendous and wonderful journey. An act of love, indeed.

Find out more about Diasporic Soul on their website: diasporicsoul.com.

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