AFS Intercultural Programs is excited to open applications for the AFS Effect+ for the Classroom program from December 11, 2023 – January 15, 2024. 150 scholarships for high school teachers from anywhere in the world are available now as part of the second and final cohort of 300 total teachers for the 2023-24 Program. Teachers selected as part of cohort 2 will be joining 150 educators from 34 different countries already enrolled into the program as cohort 1.

As part of the program, educators complete the AFS Global Up Educator online learning course, which includes self-paced content modules and live facilitated dialogue sessions over Zoom, covering such topics as Culture & Identity, Empathy & Listening, and Suspending Judgement. The live dialogue sessions offer an opportunity for educators to discuss these topics with each other directly guided by trained AFS facilitators. Teachers then take their learning experience from this first chapter of the program and bring global competence education to their students using the AFS Educator Toolkit and the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a framework. Additionally, the educators join a growing virtual community of AFS Global Educators that regularly collaborate and share practices from around the globe.

“It was an amazing experience to share ideas, points of view and ways of thinking. This has been an enriching experience and a growth opportunity.”—Feedback from an Indonesian teacher, a current 2023-24 Program Cohort 1 participant

Don’t miss this chance to join an exciting program and collaborate with teachers from around the world! Interested teachers can apply here by Monday, 15 January, 2024.