Asia Exchange & Beyond Abroad (AEBA) has received the Global Affiliate status with AFS Intercultural Programs, enabling AFS to expand its impact to new countries and facilitate more intercultural exchange opportunities for youth worldwide.

AEBA provides gap year and a variety of university study abroad programs at specific universities in 13 countries worldwide. Adding their portfolio of programs provides AFS with excellent opportunities for young adults as well as alumni of our high school programs looking for additional opportunities to study abroad.

Since 2007, Asia Exchange & Beyond Abroad have enabled over 10,000 students from 100+ countries to have transformative study-abroad experiences. Asia Exchange is the leading study abroad organization focused on Asia, and since 2020, has expanded to become a global operator in the field by adding Beyond Abroad. With a strong network of renowned partner universities, Asia Exchange & Beyond Abroad provide opportunities for one to two semesters, a gap year, summer school, or full degree programs. Their mission is to make studying abroad accessible, safe, and affordable, fostering cross-cultural understanding and tolerance.

AFS and Asia Exchange teams met in the New York office
What Are Global Affiliates?

Global Affiliates are organizations aligned with the AFS Mission, and committed to help the AFS Network expand its impact. Each organization goes through a detailed vetting process by AFS International before receiving their Global Affiliate status.

Current AFS Global Affiliates include: AIPC Pandora (Spain), Better World (South Korea), Celtic English Academy (United Kingdom), CLLC (Canadian Language Learning Center, Canada), GROW Abroad (South Africa), Knowledge Platform (Pakistan), NSTS (Malta), SPANZ (Australia), Sprachcaffe (UK, USA, Canada), Sputnik International (Sri Lanka) and Tasmanian Government Education and Training International (Australia). Find out more about our Global Affiliates here.