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AIPC Pandora (Spain)

AIPC Pandora is a non-profit organization with more than 16 years of experience in promoting Global Citizenship and building a fair, solidary and peaceful world. To achieve this, we organize international education programs based on volunteering activities, cultural exchange or professional internships in more than 57 countries and multicultural environments.

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Asia Exchange / Beyond Abroad

Since 2007, Asia Exchange & Beyond Abroad have enabled over 10,000 students from 100+ countries to have transformative study-abroad experiences. Asia Exchange is the leading study abroad organization focused on Asia, and since 2020, has expanded to become a global operator in the field by adding Beyond Abroad. With a strong network of renowned partner universities, Asia Exchange & Beyond Abroad provide opportunities for one to two semesters, a gap year, summer school, or full degree programs. Their mission is to make studying abroad accessible, safe, and affordable, fostering cross-cultural understanding and tolerance.

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Better World (South Korea)

Better World was founded in 1999 in Seoul, Korea as a non-profit organization. Better World envisions peaceful and sustainable world driven by engaged global citizens with the mission of empowering people and communities. For more than 20 years, Better World involved more than 50,000 young Koreans into programs such as youth exchange, student exchanges, international volunteering and community development projects with partner organizations and institutions in 80 countries.

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Celtic English Academy (United Kingdom)

Celtic English Academy (CEA) is an English language centre in the UK, accredited by the British Council and IALC (International Association of Language Centres). Located in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, UK, CEA is experienced at delivering a variety of adult and junior English language and culture programmes. We have supported over 10,000 students to improve their English and experience life-changing immersion opportunities.
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CLLC (Canadian Language Learning Center, Canada)

The Canadian Language Learning College (CLLC) was founded in 2005 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. It has two locations open in two world-class cities, along with the highest quality online live classes. CLLC is also recognized and associated with top educational organizations nationally and internationally, and maintains partnerships with over 40 university and college partners.

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GROW Abroad (South Africa)

Since 2012, GROW Abroad offers high school students an exciting yet safe opportunity to immerse themselves into the vibrant life in Cape Town, South Africa. Improving their English skills, our high school exchange programs also promote understanding and tolerance among the diversity of cultures, races and religions we have in South Africa. Students go home as true global citizens! We welcome students from all kids of nationalities across the globe and are a certified member of SATSA.

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Knowledge Platform (Pakistan)

Founded in 2000, Knowledge Platform is one of Asia-Pacific’s leading ‘next-generation’ learning solutions companies. They provide holistic learning solutions in the form of strategy, content, technology and support, specializing in learning and instructional design. Knowledge Platform has developed e-learning and blended learning training programs on a wide range of subjects in the educational, corporate and government sectors.

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NSTS (Malta)

NSTS Malta aims to provide the discerning global learner with valued holistic educational experiences and meaningful engagement in English using Malta’s unique cultural and fascinating heritage and your personal interaction with Malta’s leading independent boutique educational establishment founded at the University of Malta more than 65 years ago.

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SPANZ (Australia)

Student Placement Australia New Zealand (SPANZ) commenced national operations back in 2002 providing support services and expertise within the international student industry. SPANZ is staffed by a team of dedicated professionals who have a long history of excellence in their field, and are committed to providing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for young students to immerse in our culture, learn, grow and develop a global perspective. SPANZ also organises and facilitates an international inbound short term cultural program for high school aged students.

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Sprachcaffe (UK, USA, Canada)

Sprachcaffe Languages Plus was founded in 1983 by the two Sarno brothers, who are both from Rome. Their slogan: “Learn languages and meet people!” Sprachcaffe is now an international company which organizes a stay abroad for thousands of children, adults, professionals and other people each year. The language lessons are based on communication and the relaxed, enjoyable transfer of language knowledge and skills.

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Sputnik International Sri Lanka Organization (Sri Lanka)

Sputnik International Sri Lanka Organization (SISLO) was established in 2001 as a Voluntary Social Service/Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) committed to a selective range of social welfare activities in Sri Lanka with the vision of the achievements of Global Understanding through Education and Cultural Exchange. Sputnik International is dedicated to promoting & providing opportunities for education and sports while respecting cultural diversity, the protection & improvement of the environment. Sputnik International renders its fullest strength for the achievement of international cooperation through educational and cultural exchange.

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Tasmanian Government Education and Training International (Australia)

Tasmanian Government Education welcomes high school students from around the world, to enjoy an authentic Australian experience. Tasmanian schools offer world-class education and the opportunity for students to engage in full language immersion programs, combining a traditional academic program with a variety of extracurricular activities. Students are part of safe and welcoming communities that embrace cultural diversity, and provide opportunities for students to build meaningful and lasting relationships. Our purpose is to ensure all learners have the understanding, skills and disposition to live, work and thrive in a harmonious multicultural society.

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