Two new organizations in South Korea and Sri Lanka, Better World/International Workcamp and Sputnik International, have received the Global Affiliate status with AFS Intercultural Programs. These new partnerships will enable AFS to expand our impact in Asia and facilitate more intercultural exchange opportunities for youth worldwide.

Meet Our New Global Affiliates

Better World/International Workcamp Organization  is a not-for-profit, South Korean-based NGO created in 1999. The main focuses of Better World activities are on global education, community development, and international volunteering. Better World is the regional coordinator of the UNESCO World Heritage Volunteers Initiative and is the hosting organization of the US State Department NSLI-Y programs in Korea. 


Sputnik International Sri Lanka  is an NGO registered as a social welfare organization to promote international cooperation through educational and cultural exchange since 2001. The organization is responsible for running Asia-Kakehashi scholarships, working closely with AFS Japan and other AFS organizations in Asia. 


Their addition to the AFS family is aligned with the organization’s strategic efforts to expand our programs and geographic reach, including to a number of new countries in Asia, like Mongolia, Pakistan, South Korea and Sri Lanka, on top of our presence in close to 100 countries worldwide.

What Are Global Affiliates?

Global Affiliates are organizations aligned with the AFS Mission, and committed to help the AFS Network expand its impact. Each organization goes through a detailed vetting process by AFS International before receiving their Global Affiliate status. 

Current AFS Global Affiliates include: AIPC Pandora (Spain), Celtic English Academy (United Kingdom), CLLC (Canadian Language Learning Center, Canada), GROW Abroad (South Africa), Knowledge Platform (Pakistan), NSTS (Malta), SPANZ (Australia), Sprachcaffe (UK, USA, Canada), and Tasmanian Government Education and Training International (Australia). Find out more about our Global Affiliates here

About AFS 

AFS Intercultural Programs is a leading global not-for-profit Network that provides intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world. Through our international exchange programs, education initiatives, volunteerism and advocacy, we empower young people from all backgrounds with essential global skills—and the passion for making a difference. 

We work in 94 countries around the world, providing opportunities for thousands of young people who take part in the AFS programs, which are supported by more than 50,000 volunteers and staff, along with thousands of host families. Our network is made up of 55 independent, locally led and governed AFS organizations and AFS International working together to accelerate our impact.