How can we create sustainable solutions for a more just and peaceful world? The 2021 AFS Global Ideathon gathered 350 people from 70 countries and 16 time zones to tackle 35 global challenges. For a second year in a row, this 48-hour digital event (a marathon for ideas = ideathon) was run by AFS volunteers on September 24-26, 2021 under the theme “Connecting for Global Change“.

The AFS Global Ideathon is an opportunity for people who believe international education and intercultural exchange can make a difference and want to be involved in shaping the future by encouraging creativity and exchanging ideas. 

This virtual event gathered diverse people from  around the world to bring forward solutions to global challenges like education for youth, volunteering, climate change, gender gap in STEM, virtual communication, and various aspects of culture, such as virtual street art or fast fashion. Their solutions will help AFS work towards our mission to make the world a more just and peaceful world. Discover all the solutions proposed during the Ideathon, and vote for them here.

The Ideathon  was much appreciated by those who joined, with 96.9% of participants saying they would recommend the Ideathon to their friends and family:

  • I learned a lot! I think it is really important to listen to different ideas and embrace different perspectives to create better solutions.”—Crystal, Canada
  • I think the dynamic is what really makes this event special. AFS did an amazing job putting this together.”—Jay, USA


Explore the opening and closing sessions from the Ideathon, watch the recordings now:

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