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What exactly is the Global Ideathon?

AFS Global Ideathon (September 24-26, 2021) is a 48-hour digital event (a marathon for ideas = ideathon) organized by AFS volunteers for everyone around the world who identifies with our mission. Together we can bring forward solutions to help our organization work towards our mission to make the world a more just and peaceful world. This year’s theme is “How can we create sustainable solutions for a more just and peaceful world?”

How can people participate in the Ideathon?

  • You can join as an Ideathoner (=participant): Ideathoners are part of the idea generation and collection process
  • You can submit a challenge: A challenge can be a problem, process or task related to the theme and possible solutions will be crowdsourced – everyone can submit a challenge even if they can’t make it to the event
  • You can be a mentor: They help with finding and organizing ideas, focusing and creating solutions

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