The Center for Intercultural Learning and Global Competence Education offers expert, practitioner lead training and consultation to help organisations and communities navigate intercultural and global competence challenges. 

We  respond to the challenges and opportunities of globalization and increased diversity by engaging, empowering, and informing stakeholders through our offerings.

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To learn more about customized training and coaching for your organization, or if you are interested in becoming one of the Center’s fellows, please e-mail [email protected].


Our aim is to transform education systems around the world to be 21st century ready and help learners meet the Global Goals by incorporating intercultural learning and global competence development for all learners alongside literacy, numeracy and STEM.  We do this through advocacy, research, training and educational programs that advance understanding, leadership and collaboration across differences.

Designed to support students participating in international education programs, the Global Competence Certificate (GCC) is a blended learning tool that builds global competence and the knowledge, skills, and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world. The GCC is available in 7 languages and independent research (Purdue University) demonstrates the program’s effectiveness. Find out more or contact Linda Stuart.

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Whom We Work With

With a focus on the global secondary (6-12) school sector, the Center connects:

  • policymakers including education authorities, ministries and intragovernmental agencies;
  • scholars and researchers;
  • practitioners such as teachers, school heads/principals, initial teacher educators and non-formal learning organizations; and
  • employers, youth advocates, parents, philanthropies and other key community members who have a stake in the future of education.

Our strategic partners include the Organisation for Economic Co‑operation and Development (OECD) and Teach for All.

Who We Are


People & Experts

The Center for Intercultural Learning and Global Competence Education consists of a wide network of Center staff, academic, business, government and NGO representatives.

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Affiliation with AFS

The Center for Intercultural Learning and Global Competence is hosted by AFS Intercultural Programs (AFS).

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Funding for the Center is made possible via AFS, the AFS Co-Fund for Impact, donations, and programmatic activity run by the Center. 

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Where We Are

The Center for Intercultural Learning and Global Competence Education is based in New York City and has a global reach with strong presence in Colombia, Germany, Italy, Spain and Thailand.

Contact us at [email protected]