From the beginning, AFS has been a vehicle for committed individuals who dare to make a difference. Courage, volunteerism and learning have been constants throughout our history. A century ago, this resulted in thousands of lives saved by volunteer AFS Ambulance Drivers in WWI. Today, AFS transform thousands of lives every year with its international and intercultural programs. Creating change is what AFSers do, and we call it the AFSEffect.

Creating change is what AFSers do, and we call it the AFS Effect.


Events marking the AFS Centennial

AFS Vivre Sans Frontière, Guillaume Deperrois / Incorp Agency

More than 1,200 members of the AFS Global Community, representing 57 countries, convened in Paris to observe the 100th Anniversary of the American Field Service (AFS). The AFS 2014 World Congress kicked off the event. The theme—The AFS Effect: Daring to Create Change—encouraged delegates to identify future opportunities for the organization. As a world leader in intercultural learning, AFS held two symposiums at UNESCO Headquarters to advocate expanding global citizenship education. To celebrate, AFSers of all ages reconnected at the AFS Returnee Day and Centennial Gala.

The AFS Centennial, which runs through December 31, 2015, commemorates the courage, spirit and vision of our founders—the World War I and II ambulance drivers of the American Field Service. AFS Intercultural Programs remains committed to student, exchange programs,  intercultural learning and serving others through the 43,000 AFS volunteers supporting our programs around the world.

November 3—6, 2014  |  Paris, France

To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the American Field Service, the AFS 2014 World Congress assembled in Paris, the city where AFS was founded.

The AFS Centennial provided an opportunity for delegates from 60 AFS organizations to acknowledge the impact AFS has had on individuals and communities for the past 100 years.  Equally important, the Centennial milestone provided an occurrence for AFS leadership to launch new initiatives to guide AFS into its second century.

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President's message

We are observing this Centennial Anniversary to share our pride in the achievements of our founders—the courageous volunteer American Field Service (AFS) Ambulance Drivers who served in World Wars I and II. We invite all the members of the AFS family, and our friends and supporters around the world, to celebrate our Centennial Anniversary—and work with us to make AFS even better in our second century.

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Centennial support team


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