bp and AFS have partnered to host the bp Global STEM Academies, four-week programs in Brazil, Egypt, India, and the USA focusing on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and global competence education. Scholarship winners will enrich their STEM knowledge and skills through interactive, hands-on curriculum, while developing critical global competencies, including problem solving, analytical skills, intercultural understanding, and the ability to build bridges across cultures. The program culminates with team projects and presentations that offer potential solutions to real world challenges, with an emphasis on climate change and the energy transition. The program is only available via scholarship award. See below for eligibility criteria.


For the 2020 bp Global STEM Academies, AFS is identifying and selecting scholarship recipients from Brazil, China, Egypt, Germany, Ghana, India, Mexico, South Africa and the USA. If you are from one of the above countries and meet the eligibility criteria below, click on the “Apply now” button to start your application!

  • Must be born between December 1, 2002 and June 1, 2005 (for participation in the 2020-2021 program)
  • The ability to participate fully in a classroom and program conducted entirely in English
  • Demonstrated interest in STEM, study abroad and interacting with different cultures
  • Willingness to attend all four Academy destinations: Brazil, Egypt, India or the USA
  • Ability and willingness to travel unaccompanied abroad
  • Interested in exploring new cultures

Talented young people from all backgrounds who reflect the diversity of populations around the world, particularly young women and students with financial need, are encouraged to apply! For more information about the application and selection process please see FAQ below.

Deadline to apply for the 2020-2021 program is Monday, 9 March at 11:59 PM EST


If you are dreaming about becoming a game developer, coder, engineer, or future innovator, a STEM-focused program is a great opportunity! Get the critical skills you need, while engaging with people from around the world and exploring a new and exciting culture.


experiments creating extraordinary discoveries



cutting-edge designs we can’t live without



brightest ideas that set the world in motion



in Einstein’s words, the poetry of logical ideas

Where will you go?

  1. Brazil

  2. Egypt

  3. India

  4. USA

Becoming a global citizen to make an impact in the world

“It was an amazing experience. I still think about it every day and I think it helped me a lot for my future. I had the chance to grow, to get to know all those wonderful people from around the world, to learn more in STEM topics and about cultures”

-bp Global STEM Academy Participant 



Explore innovations in renewable energy from Brazilian scientists in the coastal city of Natal and bustling São Paulo. Scholarship winners will meet with professors and learn about their research at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, also making field trips to the Institute of Physics, Brain Institute, and Digital Metropolis Institute. Gain a deeper understanding of how we power our cities through field trips to solar, wind, and thermal plants, and learn about opportunities for your own career through projects and mentorship by STEM professionals at bp Brazil. This immersive 4-week experience includes a homestay weekend with a Brazilian family and activities with Brazilian high schoolers, as well as Portuguese language classes and workshops to build intercultural leadership and global citizenship skills.



In “the cradle of civilization”, explore wonders such as the pyramids and the Nile River, as well as the unique environmental sustainability practices in the modern city of Cairo. Over this 4-week program, learn about topics such as water conservation, waste management, and microbiology through hands-on STEM activities both in the field and conducted in laboratories. In addition to a homestay experience with a local family, scholarship winners will have the opportunity to take Arabic language classes and volunteer alongside local youth in community service projects. bp Egypt will also host workshops, team-building activities, and offer mentorship by STEM professionals for this diverse cohort of scholars.



Roll up your sleeves and get ready for a summer of hands-on STEM explorations in the metropolitan city of Houston, Texas. Learn with your global peers through programs hosted at the University of Houston, witness advancements in STEM with field trips to world-renowned sites such as NASA’s Johnson Space Center and the TIRR Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation Hospital, and help protect the healthy wetlands and coastal habitats of Sweetwater Preserve. Scholarship winners will also experience American culture through the city’s arts and cultural events such as Theatre Under the Stars. Over the 4-week program, a mentor from the bp USA headquarters will support scholars in designing projects and learning about how to pursue their own STEM careers.



Witness both the rich culture and leading research and development in one of India’s educational hubs, the city of Indore. Scholarship winners in the first year of the India Academy will engage in hands-on workshops on topics such as robotics and technology driven software, participate in service-leadership projects, talk with industry leaders, and embark on trips to explore innovations in STEM fields at laboratories, universities, and in the private sector. bp India will also offer scholars the chance to connect with a mentor and find out more about careers in STEM. With tours of the city’s iconic landmarks, extracurricular activities like music, dance, and art, and activities with peers, scholars will develop a deeper understanding of India’s uniquely diverse culture and history.

Frequently Asked Questions

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bp and AFS have partnered to develop the bp Global STEM Academies and bp has provided funding for 110 full scholarships. Why? Global competencies and STEM education are critical for student success in today’s global economy. The goal of these scholarships is to provide this study abroad opportunity to students from diverse backgrounds and in need of financial support.

By experiencing STEM subjects in a different culture, AFS and bp are preparing the workforce of the future

“Studying in another country will give me the chance to see how people from different cultures manage and solve similar problems, which I’m committed to put into practice once I come back to my country.”

-bp Global STEM Academy Participant