AFS Intercultural Programs is launching a global survey of its host family community. In over 75 years of experience in running intercultural exchange programs, host families have played an important role in the AFS experience, by experiencing transformation, learning and development as they open their hearts and homes to exchange students.

The survey is open to host families worldwide who have welcomed AFS high school students over the past decades. It is an opportunity for families to share what it was like to host an AFS exchange student and how hosting an AFSer impacted the families. The results will be used to strengthen and improve the experience for future AFS host families worldwide.

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AFS has decades of experience in conducting research in the fields of intercultural learning, study abroad and virtual exchange. Four years ago, a similar large-scale global study explored the impact of exchange programs on high school students. The responses from over 10,500 former AFS participants across 80 countries show that AFS exchange programs empower our alumni to become global citizens, motivating them to better understand challenges and issues facing the world.

Contact AFS in the country where you live to become an AFS host family and find out more about how AFS supports families here.