In 2022, Dr. Calpernia Charles participated in the Global Up at Home – AFS’s virtual exchange for professionals that gives learners the opportunity to collaborate effectively across differences, enabling them to learn about the culture that is all around us within our own communities. Learners obtain the award-winning AFS Global Competence Certificate upon completing this program.

Scroll down to hear this interview with Dr. Calpernia Charles, Operations Director of Clinical Coordination at Brenau University. The Global Up at Home program made it possible for her to build upon her intercultural journeywhich started in Belize, her home, where she worked with students from Panama, Colombia, and Cuba and saw other countries through their eyes. Dr. Calpernia Charles talks about her takeaways from this program, highlighting the importance of approaching people with kindness regardless of their difference. Take time to listen with a kind ear and an open heart.

Listen to the full interview here.

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