Global Up programs have been designed by AFS as a special learning and development opportunity for adults around the world. This award-winning virtual exchange program gives young adults and professionals across fields the skills and knowledge to succeed in a globalized world. Global Up offers a unique opportunity for professional development, networking with international educators and professionals, and becoming an active global citizen.

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This 6-week interactive virtual exchange program has 4 key benefits:

1 – Global Networking

Global Up provides a platform to connect with a dynamic community of international educators, trainers, and professionals. Participants expand your network through immersive virtual exchange experiences and make lasting connections with like-minded individuals from around the world.

2 – Powerful Virtual Exchange

The virtual exchange component of Global Up is a short and impactful experience that blends synchronous and asynchronous learning, as well as individual and peer-to-peer learning. This approach provides a well-rounded and engaging learning experience that helps develop global competencies and skills.

3 – Path to Active Global Citizenship

Participants in Global Up contribute to a more connected and inclusive world through intercultural understanding and active global citizenship. The program provides a unique opportunity to deepen one’s understanding of their role in promoting cultural awareness and creating a better world for all.

4 – Personal and Professional Development

Global Up is an excellent opportunity for professionals and students to take their careers to the next level and succeed in a rapidly globalizing world. Skills like problem-solving, team work and intercultural communication are increasingly in demand by employers everywhere—and this program provides targeted development of such skills.

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The next Global Up programs begin in May, July and September. Individuals from around the world can enroll to boost their career, expand networks, and make a difference as an active global citizen. More information and sign up is available at