This International Education Week (IEW) (November 14-18, 2022) AFS celebrated the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide with a series of webinars. More than 1200 registrants from around the world had the opportunity to connect with experts in the field and discuss a variety of topics that are a priority for educators everywhere.

Learning opportunities like this webinar series amplify voices that bring refreshing perspectives into the field of global education, ensure that the existing expertise is shared across the globe and showcase innovative approaches in areas like learning assessment, virtual exchange and teacher education. They also advance AFS’ strategic impact goals to expand access to intercultural education, globalize schools and institutions and ultimately create a community of global citizens prepared to take action. 

Partnering with Leaders to Explore Education’s Hot Topics

In partnership with leading NGOs, universities and researchers, the following webinars were organized during this year’s International Education Week:


Inspiring and Motivating Educators Worldwide

Participants expressed their satisfaction with the content presented, adding the following comments:

“Simplicity, clarity coupled with comprehensiveness takes learning to another level.”—Sarita B.

“This was another AFS webinar that gave me more tools and ideas to work more effectively with AFS participants. AFS is always looking for ways to better the organization, and as an end result, the people it touches!”—Jennifer P.

“It helped me to comprehend where I should start when developing intercultural competence with others, by increasing awareness and understanding of our own characteristics.”—Andrey D.

“I am thinking of delving into education and language teaching at an academic level, so such webinars give me ideas of potential fields of engagement.”—Maria M.


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