The second annual AFS Staff Learning Week (November 8-10, 2022) brought together nearly 550 AFS staff from 50 AFS organizations who participated in 59 different virtual sessions that focused on topics related to providing excellent support to AFS program participants, engaging volunteers, improving the experience of our host families, and leadership in complex times. 

One of the greatest strengths of AFS is our global Network of 54 Network Organizations, with almost 1,000 team members worldwide. This week helps our Partners improve the way they work together, share best practices, and prepare to further our mission in 2023 (our 76th year of exchange programs!). 

Discover all the skills development opportunities AFS has to offer for volunteers and staff. These training opportunities help people become more prepared and effective in their roles within AFS as a volunteer, board member, or staff. 

Do you want to get involved, have a positive impact on your community, get to know like-minded people, and just have fun? Contact your local AFS organization to see how you can join us or find out more about careers at AFS.