More than 200 future AFSers from 24 countries joined the AFS Global Student MeetUp, a virtual preparation for the high school exchanges they are about to travel to. Participants connected with one another across countries, interacted with the AFS volunteers, and got a feeling for what they can expect on their learning journey. The meetup included cultural quizzes, a Q&A session, and a dance break, all designed so that our participants begin exploring cultural differences and practice their curiosity and open-mindedness. They also had the chance to hear from an AFS alumni about her intercultural experience and ask their own questions. Play the video below to get a taste of the atmosphere:


On an AFS program, every student does more than just travel—they go on a learning journey. This virtual meetup kicked off the young students’ preparation for their AFS study abroad programs later this year. The new generation of AFSers will combine their in-person intercultural exchange program with virtual learning in a global community.

Before, during and after their program, every AFSer benefits from an educational curriculum based on a proven educational methodology that we have developed over 75 years of intercultural learning, and recently updated in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Social Impact Strategy (CSIS).

At the end of their learning journey, every student leaves with the “AFS superpowers” that they need to make the world a better place through active global citizenship: adaptability, critical thinking, self-awareness, empathy, communication, valuing differences, open-mindedness, global awareness, and change-making.

Find out more about the AFS Student Learning Journey here.