Leaders from Higher-Education, Government and Mobility organizations share their experiences using the AFS Global Up 


Over the past year, the use of technology and online learning for education at all levels has accelerated beyond what many institutions have prepared or planned for due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of that, international education has benefited greatly from the AFS Global Up, a research based interactive blended-learning program that equips learners with tangible global skills through versions developed for different age-groups and audiences. 

During a recent webinar, AFS invited leaders from the industry to share different perspectives and implementation approaches institutionalizing the AFS Global Up program in their organizations. The panel, chaired by AFS’ Director of Global Education Innovation, Linda Stuart was joined by: 

  • Mary Camp, Business Development Manager at Education New Zealand,
  • Gabriela Peschiera, Global Engagement Assistant Director at Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business of Clemson University, and
  • Nancy Ongstad, Senior Director of Global Talent Development Programs at Cultural Vistas.

Watch the webinar recording:

For more information about the AFS Global Up program click here.