AFS Intercultural Programs and the British Council are proud to announce the Global Citizenship Education: Essential for Employability and the 21st Century Workforce Forum which will take place in Accra, Ghana on 10 October 2017. The Forum will promote global citizenship education and advocate for expanding access to intercultural learning opportunities for all people worldwide, both in and outside of the classroom.

Based on 70 years of experience in facilitating intercultural exchange programs in almost 100 countries, and numerous other educational opportunities offered by AFS Intercultural Programs, as well as British Council’s know-how in building partnerships, fostering intercultural dialogue and education around the world, this Forum represents an important milestone in advancing global citizenship education.

The Forum will tackle key intercultural learning and global competencies required for the economies and jobs of tomorrow, and explore how these competencies are defined, delivered and measured by employers and educators in Africa and around the world. The Forum also seeks to empower African educators to integrate global citizenship into their curricula and equip learners with intercultural skills required for employment in the globalized work environment.

Photo from 2017 AFS in Africa: Global Citizenship Education Forum in Tunisia


The international line-up of speakers at the Forum will include Ms Vishakha Desai, Chair of the Board of Trustees at AFS Intercultural Programs, Daniel Dotse, CEO of Teach for Ghana, Millicent Adjei, Associate Director of Diversity and International Programs at Ashesi University and Christabel Dadzie, Social Protection Specialist at the World Bank and founder of Ahaspora.

Educators, researchers, policy-makers, representatives of non-profits, businesses and others interested in ensuring quality education relevant for the 21st Century job market and advancing global citizenship education in Africa are invited to register for the Forum in Accra. All participants will benefit from networking with regional leaders from the education, policy and civil society sectors to raise awareness of the value of intercultural and global citizenship skills in the 21st Century workplace for both learners and employers.

This Forum builds on the previous international global citizenship education forums AFS Intercultural Programs has organized across Africa, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America in 2017 and in previous years. The Forum in Ghana will continue the tradition of promoting intercultural skills and global citizenship as necessary in the 21st Century and advocating for ​developing these competencies ​alongside science, math, technology and engineering ​within​​​​​ our education systems.

All interested stakeholders are invited to register at the Forum’s website. The Forum is organized with the support of the international media partner The PIE News, and Teach for Ghana and Ahaspora as thought partners. For more information contact [email protected].

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