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What is it?

An online course to help anyone working with volunteers to develop the necessary skills for managing the volunteer experience.

This course covers:

  • The AFS basics
  • The Volunteer Journey and how to use it
  • Team management skills
  • Introduction to conflict management
  • AFS Network’s best cases and practices

This course works as a map to guide you to relevant, updated information, as you will get links to key resources to expand on managing volunteers. 

Who should take this course?

This training is intended for new and experienced volunteer development staff.

What is the workload?

This course consists of 9 self-paced modules with videos, forum questions, and quizzes. It takes on average 20-40 minutes to complete each module. You will have 30 days to finish the whole course from the day of enrollment.

When is the course taking place?

Check out the AFS Network Training and Events Calendar to see upcoming dates for Volunteer Management Online Training.
Please note: The form below is for registration; enrollment in the course is not automatic. If you register today, you will be enrolled on the date of the next cohort as shown in the calendar. The Learning & Development Team will be in contact with you soon regarding course details and information. 

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I already have experience as a volunteer management staff member… should I take this course?

Yes, we recommend you take this online course. You will have the opportunity to connect with colleagues from around the world, learn from their experiences and share yours.

Finally, you will get a set of takeaways and paths for action during each module to make the most of the learnings and procedures discussed in this course.


This course is free of charge.

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