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What is it?

An online course to help AFS organizations maintain a high level of support for our participants. It will help your AFS organization follow consistent procedures and processes and learn from colleagues from around the world.

This course covers:

  • AFS’ Standards, Policies & Procedures
  • The Support Module
  • Monthly Contacts & Learning Reflections
  • The AFS Medical Plan
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • An Introduction to Risk Management
  • and more!

What is support?

Support is the care AFS offers to each participant during the AFS study abroad program. This includes activities such as Orientations and Learning Reflections, Monthly Contacts, and more.

Who should take this course?

This course was designed for all support staff (new and experienced). Other staff are welcome to take it, such as, Program Managers, Partner Directors and Hosting and Sending Managers.

What is the workload?

This course consists of 8 self-paced modules with videos, forum questions, and quizzes. It takes on average 20-40 minutes to complete each module. You will have 6 weeks to finish the whole course from the day of enrollment.

When is the course taking place?

Check out the AFS Network Training and Events Calendar to see upcoming dates for Participants Support
Basics – Level 1.
Please note: The form below is for registration; enrollment in the course is not automatic. If you register today, you will be enrolled on the date of next cohort as shown in the calendar. The Learning & Development Team will be in contact with you regarding course details and information. 


I already have experience as a support staff member… should I take this course?

Yes, we recommend you take this new online course. We have included new and revised content, and you will also have the opportunity to connect with colleagues from around the world, learning from their experiences, and sharing yours.

AFS also offers in-person support staff training sessions. Completing this course will be a prerequisite for any such training in the future.

Additionally, a team of support staff with backgrounds in mental health from around the Network has been working with David to create an advanced training on participants and emotional/mental health issues. Completion of this course will generally be required to enroll in that additional training.

What participants say about this course

“Thank you! This is a great resource for current staff to refresh, and will be a very useful tool for new support staff who join our team.”

 “Thanks, David and the team, for this course and all the videos, it’s super helpful and well done!”


This course is free of charge.

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