What is it?

A virtual training course which aims to develop a better understanding of Emotional and Mental Health issues faced by our participants and how to work together to provide support.

Who should take this course?

It’s highly recommended for Support Managers.
Staff must have completed Participant Support Basics ▶ Level 1 before taking this course.

What is the workload?

Six live sessions will be offered, each will be approximately 1 hour long.
We also estimate an average of four hours of offline work, adding to a total of 10 hours (on average).
Attendance to at least 4 out of the 6 live sessions is mandatory because the live sessions take place as a series.

Live session dates:


  • Wednesday, September 27th
  • Wednesday, October 4th (Please Note: This will be during Staff Learning Week 2023 and is open to all Staff)
  • Wednesday, October 11th
  • Wednesday, October 18th
  • Wednesday, October 25th
  • Wednesday, November 8th

*Enrollment limit: 20 people. Wait-listed participants will be given first priority for the next session.

*Eunice Neta will confirm participation.

Free with prerequisites

This course is free. Staff must have completed Participant Support Basics ▶ Level 1 to be able to apply.