What is the SLJ Online Component?


What are the tasks of the SLJ Online Facilitator?

What participants say about this program

“I love seeing participants from all over the world working together, and I’m super happy I can be part of this program. Not only do the participants learn from the modules, but I also learn as a facilitator from the participants.”

Anke Prinsen – AFS NED

“Being an SLJ Facilitator is a never-ending fun experience for me! You are always learning–new digital tools, facilitation skills, and intercultural insights–be it from the participants or fellow facilitators. It has helped me to hone and nurture my facilitation skills. If you are someone who is keen to learn and discover new things, this is the right place for you, ranging from the comprehensive and detailed modules to a very supportive and lovely group of facilitators from around the world!”

Farhan Hibatullah – AFS INA

“The SLJ2.0 was a wonderful opportunity to review the basics of cross-cultural communication with fellow AFS interculturalists. It permitted me an opportunity to familiarize myself with online training as well as hone my online training skills. Moreover, it convinced me that online training can indeed work well, not only for conveying content but also for building relationships with students and fellow volunteers from around the world.”

Robert Boyce – AFS USA

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Vibhooti Maldhari | Vol AFS IND
2021 SLJ Facilitator


This program has no direct costs.

Registrations are opened until  April 22, 2024.

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