What is it?

AFS Great Managers Training is based on a combination of psychological research on management and feedback from the Network. The content of the program is divided into 5 sessions and is designed to give the participants the core skills needed to be a great manager.

In this course, you will go over:

  • Fundamentals of Exceptional Management
  • Productivity, Time Management, and Prioritization
  • Coaching Skills
  • Feedback Skills
  • Effective 1:1 Meetings
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Who should take this course?

This training opportunity is for all Managers in the Network. 

Participants should be:

  • Willing to become a change agent who helps AFS Organizations to evolve and grow
  • Interested in integrating social innovation and business acumen in their daily work
  • Open to new learning and ideas
  • Interested in further developing their skills as a leader

What is the workload?

Each month will cover a different managerial topic in an interactive 2-hour live session followed by on-the-job skills practice. Participants can choose to complete this series one topic at a time based on their schedule and availability, or complete the entire series in subsequent months to earn their AFS Great Managers Series Certificate and digital badge. 

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Why is it important?

The program is a key outcome of the Human Capital Development Network Strategy Project.  The project addresses a key concern raised by different leadership bodies: the professional development of our staff. Implementing our Network strategy will require a new mindset, and leaders and key managers who are ready and prepared to lead their organizations towards greater impact. One of our main goals is to support our managers with core managerial skills in order for them to use those skills within their AFS organizations.

“The training provided a lot of new and relevant content that is important for AFS work. The fact that it was done in smaller cohorts of dedicated people and in an interactive format made it even easier to stay engaged and improve my skills.”

“The training exceeded my expectations. I initially thought it was going to be more theory-based, but it ended up having the format of a “toolbox” with lots of hands-on practice and a focus on essential abilities/lessons on how to manage.”

Monthly Dates

14 or 15 February – Fundamentals of Exceptional Management

20 or 21 March – Coaching

24 or 25 April – Feedback Skills

15 or 16 May – Effective 1×1 Meetings

12 or 13 June – Prioritization & Time Management

Free with Limited Spots

This training is offered free of charge to all participating AFS organizations.

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