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What is it?

This new online course compiles the most important policies and procedures, tools, and best practices to help AFS Board members achieve their goals. 

In this course, learners will go over:
  • The structure of AFS and the relationship between the AFS Organizations and AFS International
  • How Boards and Partner Directors work together
  • AFS Board members main responsibilities
  • How to recruit new Board Members and create succession plans
  • How to create annual work plans
  • When Board Members should take action and when they should not
  • The AFS scorecards and how to achieve impact in your community
  • What it means to advocate for the AFS mission
    and more!

Who should take this course?

This course was designed for all Board Members and Partner Directors.

Why is it important?

Applying the content of this course will help you to be a more effective Board Member and help your AFS organization achieve greater impact in your community. 

If you’re a Partner Director, this course can help you have a shared understanding of governance and leadership. It can also help you align with your AFS Board on important strategic and management procedures.  

I took an older version of this course… should I take this one?

Yes, we recommend you take this new version. In this updated version, you’ll find: the most recent information about the AFS structure, new videos with the latest information and best practices, and new activities and lists of tasks to help your board be the most efficient it can be.

Available Languages

The modules and documents of this course are available in English. Videos are recorded with English audio and feature English and Spanish subtitles.


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