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What is it?

An online training to help you and your organization learn more about data protection requirements, ensuring that AFS protects the rights of stakeholders and complies with the current legal regulations.

This course covers:

  • The scope and key terms of GDPR.
  • The main data protection principles (under GDPR).
  • How this regulation impacts AFS.
  • The main actors of GDPR, their rights and obligations.
  • The data subject rights. 
  • The legal basis for processing and transferring data.
  • How can data legally be transferred internationally from an EU country to a non-EU country.
  • The 10 basic actions and tools each AFS organization should follow to address compliance with the main GDPR requirements.

We will introduce you to important definitions, the GDPR standards, and examples of how to apply them to your local organization and to the whole AFS Network.


Who should take this course?

The AFS staff person in each AFS organization who already has or will have the role of Data Protection Responsible for the organization. We also encourage each AFS organization to also provide the training to any other staff who deals with personal data or can be a reference about GDPR/data protection to others.

What is the workload?

This course consists of 7 self-paced modules with videos, forum questions, and quizzes. It takes on average 40-60 minutes to complete each module. You will have 7 weeks to finish the course after you are enrolled.

When is the course taking place?

Check out the AFS Network Training and Events Calendar to see upcoming dates for GDPR & Data Protection.
Please note: The form below is for registration; enrollment in the course is not automatic. If you register today, you will be enrolled on the date of the next cohort as shown in the calendar. The Learning & Development Team will be in contact with you soon regarding course details and information. 


I’m not part of an AFS organization in Europe, should I take the course?

Yes, GDPR has a scope that goes beyond just protecting personal data of EU citizens and beyond just applying to entities based in the EU. The scope of GDPR is addressed in this training.


This course is free of charge.

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The information provided on this training does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, all information, content, and materials available on this training are for general informational purposes only.  Each AFS organization is responsible for its own compliance with applicable data protection laws.