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How to Promote Foundations

Foundations is our core ICL training at AFS. Come learn more about all the options for hosting Foundations, plus marketing tips and tools on how to increase participation for volunteers…

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Support Tournament: A Monthly Reflection Strategy

Come learn about AFS PAR’s effective strategy to improve the uploads of Monthly Reflections on GL! The strategy includes volunteer training and empowerment, periodic follow-ups, and friendly competition amongst local…

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AFS Cafe

The AFS Cafe is always open! Grab your beverage of choice and join us to chat and connect with colleagues from around the world. The AFS Cafe is always open! Grab…

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Global Link 101

Learn how to manage your users and keep your data clean. Registration here for 4:30AM session on Nov. 7 (EST) Registration here for the 7:00AM session on Nov. 9 (EST)

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AFS Clearinghouse

Do you have issues with finding information in the Finance Module? Are you unsure how to read the clearing invoices? This session will demonstrate: Where to look up information related…

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Global Recipe Exchange

AFS Foodies Unite! Come share a favorite recipe from your culture. Tell us why it’s special, how to make it and then swap recipes with other colleagues. Your recipe may…

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Creating a Regional Educators Community (ALEI)

🌍 Join the Education Transformation Movement with ALEI! 🚀 Discover how ALEI has impacted over 14,000 educators in Latin America. Curious about our secret sauce? Join us for an inspiring…