What is it?

This is Part 2 of the Intercultural Link Learning Program. Expanding on the essentials of Foundations of Intercultural Learning and Global Competence, Level 1 aims to raise participants’ awareness of how their background, life experiences, languages and communication preferences influence their interaction with others and their intercultural learning experiences. Level 1 participants explore a deeper understanding of culture through culture models, values, behaviors and tendencies of diverse culture groups.

This course covers:

  • Communication Styles
  • The D.I.V.E. Model

Who should take this course?

All volunteers that have already finished Foundations of Intercultural Learning and Global Competence.

What is the workload?

This course consists of in-person training that takes place over four days at your local AFS organization and two online distance modules, that take on average one hour to complete.


Why should I take this course?


How to do a Level 1


Level 1 In-Person Training


This course is $XX per person (payment via the AFS Finance Module).