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Tara Boyce-Hofmann

Tara Boyce-Hofmann has worked tirelessly with AFS in a variety of international and U.S.-based positions for 32 years. She currently leads AFS-USA as President and Partner Director. Before her appointment by the Board to this role in November 2018, Tara served as Chief Operating and Organizational Development Officer. In that role, she spearheaded AFS-USA’s strategic development, innovating new tools, practices, and programs. Tara joined AFS-USA as a Senior Business Development Strategist in 2009. Before coming to AFS-USA, Tara was the Executive Director of AFS Hong Kong for almost 10 years, where she expanded the operations of AFS in mainland China. During and prior to that time, she oversaw the launch of AFS student programs with China in the mid-1980s.

Prior to relocating to Hong Kong, Tara worked for AFS International for nearly 10 years. There, she was responsible for international program coordination and organizational development in the AFS operations in Asia. She was integral in establishing AFS in Central-Eastern Europe in the early 1990s when the political realities shifted, allowing AFS to establish a presence and program in the region. Throughout her career at AFS, Tara has worked in volunteer development, Board development, training, and fundraising. Tara started her professional career in the advertising field in New York City.

Tara’s life-long interest and commitment to intercultural learning through student exchange began as a high school exchange student to France. She advanced her studies in France at the Universite de Strasbourg. She graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Communications and French. She attended the Nonprofit Management Executive Certificate program at the School of Public Diplomacy at Georgetown University in 2009. A New York City native, she currently lives just outside Washington D.C. in Maryland with her husband and two children.


AFS Chile

Rodrigo Casarejos

Rodrigo has served as the Partner Director for AFS Chile since April 2017. Before AFS, he had experience in the NGO sector working for 3 years as the Executive Director of Educafrica in Kenia and South Africa, working with schools in the slums of Nairobi and Johannesburg. Before that, he worked for BHP Billiton coordinating technology projects. After the earthquake of 2010, he was assigned logistic coordinator for TECHO in one of the regions in Chile. He graduated as a Business Engineer from the Catholic University of Chile. Since 2018 he has been the President of SIETAR Chile. He comes from a very AFS family, his parents and sister are AFS alumni, and in 2001 he participated in an exchange program to Australia with AFS.


AFS Hong Kong

Dr. Josephine Jim

Dr. Josephine Jim is Partner Director of AFS Hong Kong. As an educationist, Josephine was an Associate Head at a local university responsible for executive education programs design and delivery. She also held various senior management positions in the private education sector. As a business psychologist, Josephine provided consultancy services to sizable organizations and senior executives. She also runs a social enterprise to help students seeking scholarship opportunities in overseas universities and provide them with academic coaching. Josephine started her career as a pharmacist in retail pharmacy in the U.K., then as Regulatory Affairs Manager and Head of Marketing in multinational pharmaceutical companies. She holds a B.Sc. Pharmacy from the University of Manchester, an MBA from the University of Warwick, a PhD Education from the University of Hull, U.K. And she completed her training in Psychology and Coaching at the University of Cambridge.


AFS Turkey

Derya Komitoglu Kaplan

Derya has served as the Partner Director for Turk Kultur Vakfi – AFS Turkey since August 2015. She started working for AFS in December 2003 as the Sending Coordinator and then was promoted as Program Director for the organization between 2009 to 2015. Before AFS, she had worked as a specialist at the treasury department of Turkish Bank for 4 years in Istanbul, Turkey. Her major responsibilities were analyzing the financial performances of the companies at the stock exchange markets, preparing daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly financial reports for the customers. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Portsmouth in the UK.


AFS Germany

Marcel Krause

Marcel Krause has been the Executive Board of AFS Germany since April 2019. Born in Germany, he moved to Spain in 2001 for his own intercultural experience, starting shortly after to work for AFS. As a former New Business Development Manager in a Marketing & Communications Company he decided to combine personal and mission driven goals in order to pursue a deeper impact in society. AFS was the perfect fit. He served the AFS Mission ever since in different positions on an operational and strategical level – formerly as General Manager to the AFS branch office in Madrid until he got in charge of AFS Germany. Intercultural learning was important in his career not only for personal development but also for becoming a global citizen.


AFS Denmark

Ulrik Wehner

Ulrik Wehner is Partner Director of AFS Denmark. Ulrik began his career in social work and health care, including serving as the Deputy Director of a home for abused and neglected children. He then moved into the international exchange field, first as the Assistant National Director of Youth For Understanding in Denmark. Ulrik is currently on the boards of Naturama natural history museum  and Fjord and Baelt, a marine life research and experience center. Ulrik is an AFS Alumnus and former Board Member of  AFS Denmark. He holds a Diploma in Leadership at University College Lillebaelt.