Welcoming an international student into your home is a great way to learn about a new culture and share your own culture and values. Children often enjoy being cultural ambassadors, introducing their new brother, sister and parents to local customs, traditions and national holidays. Everything from preparing meals to sightseeing are opportunities to discover and appreciate cultural and other differences when you become an AFS Global Family.

AFS is a leading student exchange and study abroad program for secondary school students, supported and monitored by trained staff and volunteers. Since 1947, AFS has prepared young people with practical skills, knowledge and more needed to compete in a global world.

Read our AFS Global Family FAQ below or contact us on info@afs.org if you have more questions.

AFS Global Family FAQ

AFS has invited families to welcome international students in their homes since 1947. Being a Global Family means you’re welcoming a student from another part of the world:Germany, Thailand, Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Norway, from wherever you can imagine! And by doing that you will be adding someone new to your family, as close as a son or daughter of your own!  You don’t need to send your own children on an AFS exchange at the same time. The only thing you need is to be sure you can provide Love, Food and a Home. We have different types of programs, so you can choose how much time you can be a host family. Be part of the life-changing experience of hosting a student and share a bond that will last forever.

Connection for generations

“It made a big difference in my life. And now 20 years later I am taking my kids to the States to meet my Global Family. This connection continues for generations I hope.”

–Leontien Schuiling-van Bakel, AFS student from the Netherlands to USA

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