Join international volunteer management expert Lucas Welter from AFS Intercultural Programs to learn how to better manage, motivate and prepare your volunteers to achieve your organization’s mission.

The AFS “Managing Volunteers for More Impact” hands-on, interactive workshop helps new and experienced coordinators maximize the potential of your volunteers and improve the volunteer experience.

The day-long program will train volunteer managers how to do their jobs more effectively, use volunteers more strategically and develop the trainings and tools that will make volunteer activities more successful.

  • Register: This event is open to anyone interested. If you would like to attend, please write to  (phone +1.212.807.0932). The cost is $275 for the full day, with lunch and refreshments included).
  • Who should attend? Volunteer managers and coordinators, executive directors, program managers, anyone interested in designing and managing a more engaging volunteer program.
  • Date: Tuesday, 11 December 2018 in New York City (from 9 am to 4 pm, lunch and refreshments included).

You will learn


How to be a better volunteer manager

  • Clarify why volunteers are important to achieve your organization’s mission;
  • Learn ways to build your organization’s outreach through effective volunteer management;
  • Find out more about how focusing on 10 key areas will significantly improve your volunteer program;
  • Discuss current trends and challenges in the volunteer landscape.

How the Volunteer Experience Management Toolkit can make a difference

  • Explore how to use the Volunteer Experience Management Toolkit  to manage  recruitment, retention, roles, responsibilities, and resources;
  • Examine creative recruitment strategies to find the best volunteers;
  • Master the art of managing competing and changing volunteer expectations.

Keys to keeping your best volunteers fulfilled and focused

  • Learn the latests retention strategies to engage an effective volunteer workforce;
  • Understand and discuss why people continue to volunteer over the long-term;
  • Learn how to meet the needs of the organization and its volunteers.

Assess your volunteers’ satisfaction

  • Review ways to make your program a more meaningful experience for your volunteers;
  • Learn how to design the right tools to map the satisfaction of your volunteers and collect feedback;
  • Exchange ideas on how to use survey results to improve the volunteer experience.

Who we are

photo by AFS Argentina & Uruguay

AFS Intercultural Programs is the leading volunteer-driven  international education organization working towards developing global citizens, empowering schools and institutions, and expanding access to intercultural education to build a more just and peaceful world. The AFS Network consists of 60 independent organizations in 60 countries supported by 50,000 volunteers worldwide.