Join us in celebrating International Education Week (November 13-17, 2023)! AFS hosted a week-long virtual webinar series celebrating the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide. Sessions cover global competence research results, youth leadership, sustainability and more.

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Webinars on November 13, 2023

Change is Coming: Youth Advocacy for Global Competence


New generations of young global citizens and changemakers hold the key to a future in which we can all live and coexist peacefully, but do they get the attention and support they need? What is the real power they have? Is the international community actually listening to them? How does this play out in the international education field? Join three of the most incisive and passionate young advocates on a conversation about how far we are from actual change and why it is just a matter of time.

  • Panelists: Kelly Quispe Flores, GCED Peruvian Lab & GCED Youth Network for UNESCO APCEIU; Moemen Sobh, MycoTech and Visenleer Founder & 2023 AFS Award for Young Global Citizens Winner, Savannah Verhage, Global Health Leadership Advocate & 2023 Outstanding Youth Delegate Award, Andrés Lanza, Educational Products Coordinator, AFS Intercultural Programs
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Empowering Compassion: Navigating Distress in International Education with Psychological First Aid


In the world of international education, we encounter challenging situations on a daily basis, often leaving us uncertain about how to respond effectively. It’s not uncommon to find ourselves in unexpected support roles, receiving a flood of emotional messages – be it through emails, phone calls, texts, or even in-person visits. Students in tears, irate parents, frustrated faculty members, and experienced colleagues at their wits’ end may all reach out to us within a short span of time.

In this enlightening session, we delved into the essential concept of Psychological First Aid (PFA) tailored for the international education landscape. PFA equips you with the skills to provide immediate assistance and support to those in distress, all while safeguarding your own mental well-being.

  • Panelists: Mia Washington, Director, New Orleans College & Career Attainment Network; Eunice Neta, Support Manager, AFS Intercultural Programs; Ann’ Andreza Martins, Deputy Chief Program Officer, AFS Intercultural Programs
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Webinars on November 15, 2023

Pivoting towards Inclusion: Making a Personal Commitment to Justice & Equity in International Education


In this session, two facilitators of differing disciplinary training, age profiles, gender and ‘race’ will co-create a brave space of collaboration with participants in which we seek to problematize the individualistic, competitive and binary norms of international education culture. Using an action-planning worksheet created by Partners for Collaborative Change, we will explore and then jointly commit to working more intentionally to dismantle the non-inclusive mindsets that have historically underpinned Intercultural ‘Competence’ education.

  • Panelists: Christina (Chris) Thompson, Founder & Managing Director, COMPEAR Global Education Network, Katherine Yngve, Assessment Specialist, Equitable & Intercultural Learning, Purdue University; Brian Bright, Consultant, Facilitator Coordination & Training, AFS Intercultural Programs
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A Guide on Teaching and Training for Inclusion ICI, IES and AAC&U rubric


Join us for a proactive discussion on intercultural assessment tools used most frequently in study away, virtual exchange and classroom settings. Chris Cartwright EdD, Stacy Menezes and Anaïs Chauvet will present the assessment tools and practical and successful examples of use. The panelists in this webinar discuss hands-on, tried, and tested teaching and training practices to cultivate inclusion competencies from their positions of leadership in the field.

  • Panelists: Chris Cartwright, EdD, Intercultural Trainer, Portland State University and Kozai Group; Stacy Menezes, PhD Research Scholar, Goa Institute of Management; Anaïs Chauvet, MIA Educational Support Spec., AFS Intercultural Programs
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Webinars on November 16, 2023

Empowering Students’ Global Mindsets: Virtual Exchange Programs Assessed


Students can learn successfully in virtual exchanges with asynchronous and synchronous sessions according to the latest research by Global Cities and AFS through the Stevens Initiative research. Come hear expert researchers in the field share the preliminary findings of two studies in which AFS virtual exchange students’ learning is assessed. Come learn about what is present that is making a difference and what might still be missing.

  • Panelists: Ester Fuchs, PhD, Professor, International & Public Affairs & PoliSci, Director, Columbia University; Rebecca Casciano, PhD, Researcher, CEO, Glass Frogs, LLC; Betsy Hansel, PhD, Researcher, Retired, AFS Intercultural Programs; Kirrilee Hughes, PhD, Researcher, CEO, Bestari Consulting
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Environmental Sustainability: Climate Action Network for International Educators (CANIE) & What really Makes a Difference


Learn and explore the ways the field of International Education is addressing Climate Change and taking action to make a meaningful difference in our work. In this session, you’ll hear from CANIE’s European vice president about what the CANIE acords entail, debunk myths about carbon offsetting and find ways to actually make an impact environmentally. We’ll end the session in breakout rooms designing action plans for our own organizations and connecting with other climate action champions from around the world in IE.

  • Panelists: Daniel Ponce Taylor, Sustainability & Strategic, Partnerships Director, Intercultural Outreach Initiative; Molly Stern, Global Up Manager, AFS Intercultural Programs; Saskia Kaya, Program Manager, AFS Intercultural Programs
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Webinars on November 17, 2023

Educator Spotlight: Thoughts and Perspective from Teachers Around the World


Join us for a practical and invigorating discussion with outstanding educators from different parts of the world who will share their experiences and best practices for teaching in the classroom. With a focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Intercultural Learning, and Global Competence Education the educators will share some of their successes and struggles and discuss what that they see currently happening in the educator profession.

  • Panelists: Anjum Panna, Teacher and Global Competency Trainer, Mumbai, India; Ilan Enverga, Teacher and School Leader, Lucena City, Philippines; María Alejandra Fumaroni , Teacher and Global Competency Instructor, Dublin, Ireland; Dylan Peterson, Education Development Specialist, AFS Intercultural Programs
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Faculty-Led Programming in Latin America – OPEN FOR BUSINESS!


AFS, and its national organizations in Latin America, want to help organize and host your faculty-led trips. Join us to hear about one recent exchange between universities in the Dominican Republic and Guatemala, meet some of the key people from across the region, and hear about what we can do for you. We invite you to share about the goals you have and the challenges you face in finding the right custom program in this interactive, collaborative session.

  • Panelists: Cecilia Vasquez, National Director, AFS Guatemala & Education Project Manager, ALEI; Juan Medici, National Director, AFS Argentina, Brazil & Uruguay; Efrem Fisher, Chief Programs Officer, AFS Intercultural Programs
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