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The Global Competence Certificate (GCC) is a scalable, flexible, global, easy-to-use, and research-based tool


The GCC includes:

  • Online modules with videos subtitled in multiple languages
  • Online forum space for reflecting with peers from around the world
  • Quizzes and assignments to ensure learners understand the materials
  • A comprehensive training program for GCC Qualified Facilitators
  • Guided reflection sessions run by a Qualified Facilitator
  • Global Competence Certificate upon completion

About the Global Competence Certificate

The GCC empowers students and faculty with tangible global competence skills that are fundamental to building just and peaceful societies—and essential to live, learn, work and volunteer in diverse settings at home and around the world. 


Awareness about others

Emotional Intelligence

Bridges across difference

“Thanks to the GCC program, I grew stronger (and am still growing!) in my ability to form and maintain intercultural relationships.”

–Study Abroad Engineering Student from University of St Thomas

Global Up at Home


 In the GCC at Home, learners collaborate across difference through the online program that requires no travel. The GCC at Home brings into learners’ awareness that culture is all around us within our own communities. 

Faculty members find the GCC guided curriculum, discussion topics and forums, interactive modules, and deep self-reflection a winning combination to develop the students’ intercultural learning. 

“The GCC helps new attorneys discuss their values and perspectives and the values that are already inculcated coming into this profession and how people can perpetuate perceptions of the past. This program addresses implicit bias that influences the way we are. It raises awareness. Moreover, it gave an opportunity for students to discuss their responsibilities as they enter the profession without having to strip themselves of their identity or moral compass.”

–Professor Carl Warren J.D.
University of St Thomas Law School

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Global Up Study Abroad

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GCC Study Abroad develops learners’ global competence before, during and after their international experience. The curriculum is delivered in 18 online modules supported by a Qualified Facilitator we train from your campus. The program can be customized to meet the needs of specific higher education institutions and study abroad programs.

The research-backed AFS Global Competence Certificate has been used by more than 10,000 university, intern and language abroad students in 50 countries to help them develop their intercultural competence and global skills before, during and after their international programs.

“My group who went abroad had impressive quantitative and qualitative results in terms of intercultural development. Both the IDI and the qualitative data showed that the group had a shift from a predominantly monocultural mindset to a more intercultural (global) mindset. Given these results and considering learners’ feedback about the program, I highly recommend the GCC.”

–H. E. Parker, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, Latin America/Spain Programs,
Global Engineering Programs and Partnerships.

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Special COVID-19 Edition

GCC Special Edition

The practical, youth-friendly online tool, a special edition of the AFS Global Competence Certificate (GCC), provides students whose study abroad has been disrupted by COVID-19—whether they have returned to their home countries early or remain in their host community—with a moderated educational platform to process their experiences, come together as a global community of young people and continue their intercultural learning journeys.

The program includes content on coping during crisis, navigating ambiguity, developing resilience, being flexible, and connecting across differences. This core curriculum helps students become active global citizens.

“I developed my adaptability, communication skills and valuing difference during my exchange year. And I’ll continue to develop my open-mindedness, empathy and critical thinking during the course. I will meet many old friends and new people coming from different places and backgrounds, so we can share our experiences and learn a lot from this course.”

–AFS exchange student whose program was interrupted by COVID-19

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Become a Qualified Facilitator!

Qualified Facilitators of the Global Competence Certificate facilitate global competence learning for students, staff or faculty at your institution or organization. The next training date is September 21st or 23rd at either 9am NYC or 5pm NYC. Register here!

Benefits of becoming a Qualified Facilitator:

  • Learn tips for 100% intercultural learning facilitation for either online or in person sessions.
  • Gain key professional development skills within the field.
  • Continue developing your own intercultural learning by becoming a guide for others.
  • Grow your organization’s offerings in virtual learning and community building.
  • Join a robust Qualified Facilitators community – over 500 in our community worldwide with a special group on Workplace to share resources/tips/stories.
  • Gain a competitive edge by advertising your QF certification on your LinkedIn Profile with our badge.

The training fee starts at $150 per person + the cost of a GCC Account

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