AFS offers a leading study abroad program for secondary school students, supported and facilitated by trained staff and volunteers. Since 1947, AFS has prepared young people to gain the practical skills and knowledge valued by universities and employers—and needed to succeed in a global world. Our study abroad programs are guided by the Student Learning Journey: an educational curriculum that covers the exchange experience before, during and after the program. It’s designed to help students gain global skills, practice social impact and develop 21st century competences.

The AFS Student Learning Journey combines online and in-person learning at every step of your AFS program: before participants travel, while they are abroad, and when they return from the program. This way AFS participants can connect globally with all exchange students who are on an AFS program at the same time, and interact locally in-person with peers. This approach maximizes the learning outcomes from your AFS experience.

A recently conducted assessment analysis shows significant positive improvements in key skills and attitudes of AFS High School Study Abroad Program Participants thanks to this educational learning journey, including:

  • Overall increase in students’ global competence development,
  • Noticeable improvements related to perspective-taking, adaptability and global-mindedness,
  • Students consider themselves to be more prepared for and likely to succeed in the globalized world,
  • Evidence that our curriculum is helping us make progress towards our goal of developing students’ agency regarding global issues and skills to take action.

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