Mitsubishi Corporation to award 200 scholarships to Japanese high school students


Mitsubishi Corporation has committed to award a total of 200 scholarships over a four year period (2020-2023) to Japanese high school students to study abroad on the AFS school year program in any of more than 35 destinations offered by AFS Japan worldwide. Scholarships will cover all program fees, and will be awarded to Japanese students who are enthusiastic about intercultural understanding and prepared to contribute to the global community but currently lack the financial means to participate in such programs. 

The new scholarship program will help Japanese students develop the essential skills needed to communicate across cultures and create a positive impact on communities worldwide. Such global competence skills are in high demand around the world, with recent studies such as the WISE Global Education Barometer finding that young people feel a responsibility to improve the world but lack the skills and knowledge to do so. 

Research shows that AFS exchange programs lead to significant improvements in global competence: AFS alumni have greater respect for other people and their ideas, beliefs, and viewpoints, even when they are opposed to their own, and are more comfortable in different cultural settings, both professional and personal. Specifically, 99% of Japanese AFS alumni report they better understand the importance of people from different backgrounds living and working together, and 98% better understand their own cultural values and biases as a result of participating in an AFS exchange program.

Mitsubishi Corporation and AFS Japan have a long-standing relationship built on trust and more than a decade of collaboration on international summer camps and other educational events. This collaboration perfectly aligns with AFS’s global strategy and efforts in Japan to expand access to intercultural education, ensuring diverse groups of young people worldwide can develop essential global competence skills. 

Mitsubishi Corporation has a long track record of sustainable philanthropic investments focused on realizing an inclusive society, empowering the next generation and environmental conservation. Their collaboration with AFS was motivated by a desire for innovative ways to empower young people to become responsible leaders of tomorrow.

“Intercultural education is essential in helping Japanese youth become future leaders and changemakers. AFS Japan has more than 65 years of experience in helping students learn how to effectively engage with people from different backgrounds and promote Japanese culture worldwide. We are honored to have Mitsubishi Corporation’s generous support to develop more global citizens and future leaders,” added Junko Kawano, Partner Director of AFS Intercultural Programs Japan.

Full scholarships will be available for Japanese youth to attend school abroad and live with a local host family for one academic year. AFS will conduct a competitive selection process that focuses on financial need, diversity, academic merit, and attributes that best position participants for a successful program abroad based on many years of experience. AFS will also identify host families and host schools in the destination countries, and provide a guided intercultural education curriculum for all participants.  

Scholarship applications for the 2021 year program will be open from 13 April 2020. To learn more, please visit

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