AFS is proud to announce the launch of the AFS Volunteer Ambulance Drivers Impact Fund to honor our heroic founders—and ensure that AFS volunteerism remains strong, vibrant, and committed to our founders’ vision: Foster intercultural understanding for a more just and peaceful world. 

Over the years, family and friends of World Wars I and II Drivers have supported the work of AFS through generous gifts in the name of their loved ones. Your gifts bring communities together across cultural divides and other differences. On behalf of every volunteer you supported, thank you. 

Everyday AFSers are making an impact at the forefront of important social causes. You won’t have to look far to see the #AFSeffect of our volunteers: They are in South Africa engaging communities in conflict with intercultural and interfaith dialogues. They are in the Philippines promoting sustainable peace in troubled regions through cultural events. They are in your backyard working to make your community better. 

We invite you to join the community of AFS donors like Mrs. Virginia Fair Vanderbilt (see her story below), along with the family and friends of WWII drivers to keep the humanitarian legacy of AFS moving forward. 

Learn more about how the Impact Fund will help drive the projects of dedicated AFS volunteers worldwide

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