What does it really take to “learn to live together” in a just and peaceful world? AFS Intercultural Programs, in partnership with leading global education advocates, is convening a first-of-its-kind conference to make global competence an international priority.

Stakeholders across all sectors—private, public, educational and social—will discuss and debate what’s needed to empower people and organizations with the knowledge, skills and understanding to communicate and collaborate effectively across differences. The AFS Global Conference is designed to engage educators, community organizations and NGOs, business leaders and policy makers and align resources to tackle this crucial shared challenge. Keynote speakers include  Andreas Schleicher of OECD, Kaya Henderson of Teach For All, Barry van Driel of Anne Frank House Prof. Dr. Anantha Duraiappah, Director of UNESCO MGIEP and many more.

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Five plenary sessions will advance the discussion and outline possible solutions for these critical issues.

Why Global Competence?

The opening session will set the framework for the conference: Why global competence is the essential 21st century skill required to develop and execute solutions that successfully address the world’s most pressing challenges and leverage our greatest opportunities. Whether participating in a global economy or reducing conflict in diverse settings, research shows that innovation is fueled by new ideas and different perspectives. Global competence harnesses the power of working across differences to spark much-needed creative solutions.

The Global Competence Education Imperative

Preparing young people for employment, being active global citizens, and thriving in a diverse world calls for reshaping the agenda for education. Panelists will define the roles that key stakeholders must play—governments, education authorities, social entrepreneurs and the private sector—to integrate global competence into teacher training and curricula development at all education levels.

Celebrating success: Inaugural AFS Global Awards Ceremony

What are most innovative practices in global competence education? This session celebrates and analyzes programs and people making a real difference.  

Global Competence Education: From Research to Practice

Scaling up successful intercultural learning programs is not easy or happening quickly enough. This session will define how to scale, replicate and multiply the most successful practices across different contexts, education systems and training environments. A keynote address and two panels will explore key competences, strategies and tools that educators and facilitators require to successfully foster global competence.

Connecting the Gaps: Investing in Global Competence Across Sectors

The “learning to live together” movement advocates for more people to be prepared to live, study, work and volunteer effectively in diverse communities and workplaces at home and around the world. Panelists in this session will present a compelling case for funders, social entrepreneurs and other stakeholders to align and invest in this crucial mission.  

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