AFS is pleased to announce the release of our new strategy. The AFS Intercultural Programs Strategy 2018-2022 outlines the organization’s vision, principles, areas of action and impact for the coming five years.

This strategy was developed to maximize the impact of our global network of 60 AFS Organizations. AFS works in 94 countries around the world, providing opportunities for around 12,000 young people who take part in AFS programs, which are supported by 50,000 volunteers and staff, along with thousands of host families. Our mission:

Empower people of all ages and all backgrounds with the intercultural knowledge, skills and understanding required to take action and make a positive difference at home and around the world.

AFS was founded by volunteer ambulance drivers who experienced the ravages of both World Wars—and sought to prevent future conflicts by bringing together people through international exchange programs and intercultural learning opportunities for young globally-minded leaders.

We believe a just and peaceful world is only possible when the global community respects diversity, embraces inclusiveness and works together to address the world’s most pressing challenges,” said AFS President and CEO Daniel Obst. “That’s why our work is needed now more than ever. The great turmoil and conflict we witness across the globe require AFS to be more courageous and purposeful to achieve our strategic impact goals.”

The three strategic impact goals are:

  • Develop Active Global Citizens: We will develop responsible citizens of all ages through intercultural learning to take action in their communities and around the world.
  • Globalize Schools and Institutions: We will support and equip educators, schools, institutions and other organizations in delivering effective intercultural learning programs that build global competence.
  • Expand Access to Intercultural Education: We will expand community outreach and provide more scholarships to ensure that more people from diverse and underserved communities participate in and benefit from AFS programs and initiatives.

AFS will advance the impact goals through a framework of four areas of action:

  • Programs: We will diversify our program portfolio, optimize our geographic reach and improve the way we work together so that we can provide opportunities to a wider range of people and expand our impacct.
  • Volunteerism: We will engage and motivate volunteers to deliver on our three impact goals and broaden our reach into local communities.
  • Education: We will provide a broader range of tools, services and trainings that allow schools, institutions and NGOs to expand intercultural learning at scale.
  • Advocacy: We will raise awareness of the essential role of intercultural learning in advancing active global citizenship and global competence.

Find out more about the new AFS Strategy and join us on this important journey.

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