This post was written by Bosompemaa Dankwa, an AFS student from Ghana on exchange in the Czech Republic.Bosompemaa is one of the young deserving students who received the 2016 Investing in Africa’s Future Leaders scholarship to participate in a year-long school exchange program with AFS.

Coming to the Czech Republic for my exchange has helped me become more independent and confident. Even though I had been in the boarding house as a student in my home country, I was not so confident and independent as I am today. I was not so good at planning trips and making friends, but my exchange here has taught me to do so.

Bosompemaa Dankwa

One of the most important lessons I learnt is how to socialize with people from all over the world, from different cultures and with different opinions about how they see life. One of the fascinating experience is having two different families and homes and still calling both of them my homes and loving both families. They unconsciously shaped my opinions about life and how I see the world. This experience has made me more curious about other cultures and helped me be more open minded.

Also, this program has helped me improve my talents and skills. It has even helped me find new talents like sketching portraits, writing and music. I was even able to join other clubs, volunteer, go on trips and make new friends. I have  also been equipped with a new language.

To be able to get to where I want to be in future, all these experiences and skills are very important to me. I was not so sure about what I wanted to be in the future. It was until I participated in this program that I realized what I really want to be. Thus, when I return to my country with all these memories, experiences and skills I will work well on them to achieve my goals.