The Spring 2016 issue of the AFS Janus magazine is now available online! This issue features The Enduring Legacy of Richard Nelville Hall, the first AFS ambulance driver to be killed during World War I. His story of humanitarianism and brotherly affection demonstrates the symbolism behind the tragedy of his early death, then and now.

Richard’s story was also featured in From Trenches to Bridges: 2015 Youth Forum in Alsace, which brought together 200 students from around the world to discuss the challenges that stand in the way of living together peacefully, and to identify solutions as a group. The youth forum has taken on even more meaning in light of recent events. AFS President and CEO Vincenzo Morlini also touches on these world events in his Letter from the AFS International President and reflects on how the AFS mission can help create a more peaceful world.

Later in the issue, Marion Kinter shares the wartime photographic journey of her father, World War II ambulance driver William Boardman Kinter, in Snapshots and Stretchers: Burma Through my Father’s Eyes. William carefully photographed his experience in Burma, capturing daily life for the AFS volunteers and local communities in a world at war, including a series of rare color slides. Through the incredible work of Marion, the entire collection is now available online!

Finally, we share the exciting news of our groundbreaking public history project titled The Volunteers: Americans Join World War I, 1914-1919, including the launch of our curriculum and the opening of the related exhibition at the premiere World War I museum in the United States.

cover, Janus Spring 2016

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