AFS Intercultural Programs hosted the 100 Years Young! AFS Youth Symposium on the morning of Saturday, November 8th, 2014. Open to public, 100 Years Young! put AFS’s young generation on center stage to discuss and debate the challenges to global citizenship education.

Later that afternoon, these young thought leaders engaged with global luminaries in peace-building and education at the Learning to Live Together– from Ideas to Action: AFS Global Education Symposium. Panelists and speakers explored specific actions that learning to live together requires, while questioning who sets the agenda for educating global citizens and what values should prevail in this process.

The theme of the conference was inspired by Jacques Delors, former President of the European Commission and Chairperson of the UNESCO Commission on Education for the Twenty-first Century and his challenge that we “learn to live together by developing an understanding of others.”

AFS convened these symposiums to mobilize influencers and advocates (of all ages), and partner with leaders across the globe to advance the global citizenship education movement. AFS believes that young people are critical partners and stakeholders, as well as catalysts for positive change.


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Who attended?

Everyone who wanted to learn about young people’s vision of the future of Intercultural Learning and Global Citizenship Education was invited to the Youth Symposium. Students, youth, teachers, and others involved in both formal and non-formal education were especially encouraged to attend.