To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the American Field Service, the AFS 2014 World Congress assembled in Paris, the city where AFS was founded.

The AFS Centennial provided an opportunity for delegates from 60 AFS organizations to acknowledge the impact AFS has had on individuals and communities for the past 100 years.  Equally important, the Centennial milestone provided an occurrence for AFS leadership to launch new initiatives to guide AFS into its second century.

Reflecting on the “Daring to Create Change” theme, discussions at the AFS 2014 World Congress revealed the dual nature of the organization:

AFS dares Participants, Volunteers and Families to see themselves, others, and their future differently.  Our programs leverage this new cultural awareness to help AFSers engage effectively in different cultural settings—in home communities or across the world.

At this World Congress, the AFS Network leadership dared the staff and AFS Volunteers to see our organization differently, so we can continue evolving to better meet the challenges of educating 21st Century global citizens.

Going forward, AFS is committed to strengthen our current programs, launch new innovative offerings and empower more students, families and volunteers with the strategic, tangible skills and perspectives required to work across cultural and other differences.

The AFS 2014 World Congress also showcased two AFS Award Programs: the inaugural ICL In Our Own Backyard Award and the longstanding Galatti Award.

Special thanks goes to the AFS 2014 World Congress Design Team, Speakers, AFS International and AFS Vivre Sans Frontiere Staff and International Volunteers.