What is it?

This is a training program for AFS volunteers and staff to become part of the global community of facilitators for the online component of the AFS Student Learning Journey (SLJ).

In this program, you will :

  • Have access to the learning platform and the AFS SLJ Online Component content,
  • Receive training on facilitation of topics related to intercultural learning, global competence and social innovation, 
  • Continue developing your own intercultural learning by becoming a guide for others,
  • Get exclusive resources to support your role as a facilitator,
  • Hone your online facilitation skills, 
  • Be part of a growing community of AFS SLJ online facilitators from over 32 countries sharing best practices and co-facilitating live sessions!

Interest in supporting a global cohort of students in their journey to Active Global Citizenship? This is your opportunity!

What is the AFS Student Learning Journey Online Component?

The upgraded Student Learning Journey takes a step further on local orientations, monthly contacts and learning reflections, by including the opportunity for students to meet virtually and learn as part of a global cohort. We have joined forces with the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) to create an enhanced journey to further support our students to practice social impact and become active global citizens. We do so by combining AFS  educational methodology that we have developed over 75 years of intercultural learning and global competence education with UPenn’s Center for Social Impact Strategy (CSIS) expertise on social impact and social innovation. 

What is the workload?

  • On-boarding & initial training: up to 10 hours of self-paced online learning content and a 90-min online live training session designed by AFS International experts. 
  • Delivering Facilitated Dialogue Sessions: deliver up to FIVE 90-min online live sessions during the calendar year. 

Optional: join quarterly 90-minute webinars to prepare for your live sessions and dive deeper into the content.

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Why apply?

  • Personal and professional growth as an AFS volunteer or staff.
  • Sharpened online facilitation skills — learn how to make online facilitation engaging and fun by becoming a pro on tools like Zoom, Menti, and others!
  • Opportunity to deepen your knowledge on intercultural learning content and learn new content in social impact and social innovation. 
  • Join a global community of facilitators and make connections with fellow AFS volunteers and staff worldwide.

Facilitators Profile/Requirement

    • Dedicated commitment to your AFS Organization
    • Experience facilitating Intercultural Learning-focused and/or social impact-focused workshops or orientations to AFS audiences (students, volunteers, staff, host families, etc.), 
    • Have good internet connection to run the online sessions, and
    • Be passionate about lifelong learning.
    • Highly recommended but not a requirement: Completion of Foundations of Intercultural Learning AND/OR be a Learning Program Qualified Trainer AND/OR a GCC Qualified Facilitator AND/OR participated in a Training For Trainers workshop,

*If selected, you must have approval from your AFS Organization

**  This program has NO direct costs, but there are costs associated with the pre-requisites. To take Foundations of Intercultural Learning and Global Competence, click here.

What participants say about this program

“I love seeing participants from all over the world working together, and I’m super happy I can be part of this program. Not only do the participants learn from the modules, but I also learn as a facilitator from the participants.”

Anke Prinsen – AFS NED

“Being an SLJ Facilitator is a never-ending fun experience for me! You are always learning–new digital tools, facilitation skills, and intercultural insights–be it from the participants or fellow facilitators. It has helped me to hone and nurture my facilitation skills. If you are someone who is keen to learn and discover new things, this is the right place for you, ranging from the comprehensive and detailed modules to a very supportive and lovely group of facilitators from around the world!”

Farhan Hibatullah – AFS INA

“The SLJ2.0 was a wonderful opportunity to review the basics of cross-cultural communication with fellow AFS interculturalists. It permitted me an opportunity to familiarize myself with online training as well as hone my online training skills. Moreover, it convinced me that online training can indeed work well, not only for conveying content but also for building relationships with students and fellow volunteers from around the world.”

Robert Boyce – AFS USA

Hear what other SLJ Facilitators are saying about this experience!

Vibhooti Maldhari | Vol AFS IND
2021 SLJ Facilitator


This program has no direct costs, but there are costs associated with the pre-requisites. To take Foundations of Intercultural Learning and Global Competence, click here.

Registration will close,  May 15, 2022.

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